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Launch automated communities of talent to create, engage and nurture your recruitment pipelines

Are you tired of wasting your recruitment marketing budget on campaigns that just aren’t attracting the right quality or quantity of candidates while still trying to improve your candidate experience? Organisations running Hollaroo Engage see an average of 300% ROI on their marketing spend and a 93% positive impact on their employer brand.

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Transform your recruitment from reactive to proactive

Hollaroo for Recruitment Pipelines enables organisations to build and manage relationships with talent not yet ready to enter the active selection process. A next-generation CRM, we help to address some of the issues with traditional approaches, such as being resource-intensive and whether sending people a bunch of emails is true engagement and talent-pooling. An approach more akin to consumer relationship building delivers what your candidates expect from a consumer-grade experience.

Enhance the candidate experience
Make talent engagement easier
Convert candidates to engaged applicants

The Hollaroo platform enables talent to be invited into a branded environment through employee referrals, recruiters sourcing potential candidates externally and recycling candidates from previous campaigns

Because you are building a long-term pipeline of talent, you can focus your marketing on maintaining your pipeline rather than reacting to active roles.  66% of talent you contact externally are not actively seeking a role. A Hollaroo system gives you a way to engage with these people so you don’t need to spend money finding them again at a later date.

A simple Hollaroo deployment will typically convert 10-20% of identified talent into hires via entirely automated engagement and content distribution.

Candidates will be provided with an attractive and interactive platform where they can express their interests, build profiles, engage with content, and access recruiters.

Keep engaged with the great people you meet along the way. Those who don’t get hired for a specific role. You don’t then need to spend money re-engaging them at a later date – but in this case you have the added benefit of giving them a great experience so they are more likely to respond positively.

More active recruiter involvement by sharing content, targeting hard-to-fill placements or actively searching the talent community can increase the conversion rate two-fold. Using existing contacts and building a relationship with the candidate will also improve your offer conversion rates.

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75% of candidates accept community invites

I must let you know how much the invitation means to me! This really has peaked my interest about the firm.
Michelle Burns
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