Fast track your digital transformation

Navigate your way through dramatic and rapid change

Supporting you through a digital transformation project

It’s time to take action!  Gaining top talent from an increasingly competitive market will require rapid decision making and significant improvements to candidate and workforce experience.

With so much uncertainty, we know that constant disruption will be a major part of our business lives for the next few years. Digital transformation will enable you to become much more agile and maximise opportunities in the future.

Those able to act with urgency will not only reduce costs but will gain more advantage to invest further, setting the pace, rather than falling behind it.

Transition to digital operations

Digital transformation is a prerequisite for organisations to maintain their market share and navigate the fast-moving uncertainty the business world presents today.

With the pandemic forcing revenues down by 13% over the previous year, many businesses are now also focussing on maintaining their cost to revenue ratios by streamlining internal processes and using the transition to digital operations as part of that initiative. Talk to us about how we can help you make in the new world of work.

Analysis from The Hackett Group 2020, outlines three key areas of focus right now.

  • Building a future ready resilient workforce
  • Accelerate technology enablement
  • Establish an analytical engine for enterprise

In recruitment and staffing, digital transformation has a significant part to play. As we head into the next few years of uncertainty about how hybrid working in a post-pandemic era will impact recruiting, onboarding and talent development, Companies will need to rely more on a blended workforce while navigating their way through dramatic and more rapid change.

It’s very clear from this that those companies that will attract the right talent will be those that are able to offer candidate-centric opportunities and operating practices through digital, consumer-grade platforms and applications.

It is estimated that those companies achieving world-class digital transformation could reduce costs by 31% while improving areas of service delivery such as candidate and customer experience.

Areas that we often see provide significant improvement and company benefit when transforming to a digital equivalent include the following:

Smart Automation

Automate end to end processes and routine tasks

Greater Self-Service

Discover the power of self-service and how it can enhance your candidate experience

Community Management

Interact with your audience to create a network to connect, share and grow

Proactive Pipelining

Build relationships before you even need them

Automated Onboarding

Create a structured experience to guide new hires through every step

Increased functional and company alignment

Get everyone on the same page to avoid a disconnect!

See how it all comes together