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Build communities with former employees to expand talent pools and encourage boomerang hires

By upgrading the way that you offboard employees, organisations can create an opportunity to build lifelong relationships with their alumni and reap the rewards of the value that they can bring to your talent pools, marketing and even revenue generation.

Once you’ve fostered a great relationship with employees, don’t break the connection. Continuing to engage, communicate and share information with this audience provides the perfect foundation for introductions, recommendations and potential rehires.

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Retaining alumni connections

Hollaroo for corporate alumni programmes enables organisations to build and manage relationships with employees who are offboarding. Is it to treat your departing staff like Universities and Colleges treat their departing students.  Offboarding is an increasingly important part of managing talent. It’s an opportunity to create lifelong relationships and the value that those bring.

Keep investing in leavers
Cultivate relationships with alumni
Experience significant ROI

That lack of attention to the exit process is a big mistake. Even before the pandemic caused millions of job losses, and with the issues that we’re seeing now in the great resignation, the labour market was in a state of flux. Average job tenure has shrunk to a few years and employee turnover is on the rise. It’s time for organisations to think about better offboarding. It needs to be approached not only as a necessary part of managing talent but as an opportunity to create value in long term relationships.

About 15% of companies have alumni networks, but a third of these companies have employee alumni who organise informal groups. LinkedIn hosts more than 100,000 corporate alumni groups, but most have no formal relationship with the organisation. The result is that many former colleagues are connecting in groups that are outside the control of the organisation they want to work for. The organisation cannot then take advantage of these relationships.

A recent report by Cornell University shows about a third of corporate alumni maintain connections with previous employers, as clients, partners or vendors, and that approximately 15% of new hires come from alumni, rehires and referrals.

With the average annual employee turnover rate at approximately 15%, this could represent an ROI of almost £400,000 on your recruitment costs for a 5,000 FTE company.

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