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Refer people, not jobs. Flip the script on referrals, take jobs out of the equation and build long term relationships with great introductions.

Supporting long-term relationships enables a different approach to referrals, which takes jobs out of the equation. Using Hollaroo for Referrals, you ask your employees to introduce great people but without worrying if they are ready for a move or if the job is right for them. We then keep people engaged until they are ready to apply, all along tracking the process so that you can manage your incentives.

Organisations running Hollaroo for Referrals are seeing an average of 500% uplift in referrals and 10x the number of hires from referrals.

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Using Connections To Hire The Best Talent

Hollaroo for Referrals enables Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and Resourcing Teams to run highly efficient and successful referral programmes with little-to-no effort.  Your employees can introduce talented connections without having to worry about timing or if they match an active role.  In fact, your employee’s connections are invited to a personalised experience that allows for engagement and matching over a long-term relationship with minimal effort from recruiters.

Anytime referrals
Great candidate experience
Engagement that delivers hires

Traditional referrals are built around jobs and, therefore, depend not only on timing but the ability and dedication of an employee to match a job to a candidate – essentially the recruiters’ job.

With Hollaroo employees can introduce their  connections at any time, quickly and easily, and then leave the recruitment to the experts.

Rather than being put straight into the selection process, a candidate is invited to a  content-rich personalised environment where they can learn and engage on their own terms.

Active candidates can search and apply for roles, passive candidates can interact via groups, messaging and news.

Employees are automatically kept aware of your scheme, maintaining the level of referrals without recruiter effort.

Candidates are kept engaged via automated content and newsletters, ensuring you have candidates ready to go when the timing is right.

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10x the number of referrals made by employees

Network Rail use Hollaroo Refer to help their employees build a pipeline of talent for future opportunities. One in four applicants are hired via this channel and referrals fill more than 15% of open vacancies. This is all achieved without paying any referral bounty.
Resourcing Manager
Network Rail