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Launch a relationship-based onboarding process to reduce attrition and increase the early effectiveness of new starters.

The period between offer acceptance and start date can now be thought of as the new battleground for talent. Employers are losing out to counter-offers, multiple offers and the effects of the great resignation.

Organisations are now realising that just because somebody has accepted an offer, it does not mean that they will start with you.

The best onboarding processes deliver benefits such as speed to perform, early effectiveness and they should create a sense of belonging as early as possible. 

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Win The New Battleground For Talent And Give New Starters A Headstart

Hollaroo for Onboarding’s relationship-based social onboarding platform is uniquely built, not only to enhance the new starter welcome experience but to build better relationships and commitment to the organisation as that start date approaches. It’s adaptive experiences and active communication tools create skyrocketing engagement and it’s in-depth data analytics helps to identify new-starters that might need some extra attention – Hollaroo is intuitively built to reduce potential no-shows and to make new starters more effective from their first day.

Build a destination
Deliver great content
Build relationships

Create a clear path from the hiring process to the first day via automated invite triggers. With slick and simple invite and acceptance mechanisms, Hollaroo for Onboarding’s profile function gives immediate insight into who are the key contacts. You can build tasks and checklists to provide candidate confidence and clarity and move them along the administrative process using our psychologically-grounded nudging UI.

Our platform is built with the most up to date responsiveness standards, meaning that candidates can access critical content at any time on any device. that content can be tailored for different communities of onboarders. While external solutions can be plugged in to enhance the experience.


HR/managers/team members and new starters can interact via Hollaroo’s built-in messaging functionality, answer questions and participate in events. People can be invited to engage in content, discussions and events relating to their new roles – like meeting their new team/managers, being invited to a welcome party or finding out more about their new office.


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90% onboarding satisfaction rate of new hires

"This is by far the most professional and organised new joiner process I have experienced. Great work guys and I’m super excited to be part of the overall Capgemini team.”
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