Webinar: How Can Recruiters Do More With Less

Join us and our partner, Talent Sandbox, for some top tips for building a healthy pipeline with limited resources and budget.

In this webinar, we discussed:

  • Balancing cost savings with efficient recruitment, focusing on the next twelve months and preventing variable costs from going up steeply again when things pick up
  • The concept of saving costs has always been in the mindset of TA leaders, but it’s more acute now with larger investments and required ROI
  • TA is a blend of skills that didn’t exist before, and data proficiency and storytelling skills are essential for recruiters
  • Workforce planning doesn’t have to be complex and scary, and having strategic conversations with the rest of the business can help anticipate future needs
  • It’s vital for TA leaders to talk the language of the business and understand market data to anticipate future hiring needs
  • Strategies for capturing value from recruitment spend and building long-term relationships with candidates through flexible and adaptable experiences
  • Measuring effectiveness at every touchpoint across the candidate journey is vital for a proactive and strategic TA strategy that enhances business resilience
  • Strategic workforce planning and creating a smoother process with predictability of success can provide value to business leaders
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