Engaging quality talent for ISS across sustainable talent pools

The Challenge

The Challenge

Previously ISS relied on over 120 agencies to source 50% of their candidates, all at a substantial cost which was unsustainable. They required a dedicated recruitment team with expertise in high-volume hiring and employer brand development across 13 business units. They needed to access quality candidates across sustainable talent pools, while reducing agency reliance and costs as well as providing better visibility and control. Their recruitment approach was reactive; they wanted to turn that into a strategic proactive model which allowed them to tap into a huge unclaimed market of passive job seekers.

About the Customer

Client: ISS
ISS, a leading workplace experience and facility management company, provides placemaking solutions to contribute to better business performance. From strategy through to operations, ISS partner with their clients to deliver places that work, think and give. Proud to follow and set leading standards for the internal facility services industry, ISS are driven by their values with a dedicated commitment to their clients and the people and places they serve.

The Solution


Hollaroo implemented a Talent Pipeline solution for two communities – Open Talent for anyone interested in working at ISS and Qualified Talent which is managed as invitation only for pre-qualified candidates.  The solution provides an adaptive experience for candidates based on their needs and current job seeking preferences.  Using the platform ISS can engage with their talent and create a talent pipeline that the recruitment team can shortlist from for their pending roles reducing time to hire, agency usage and creating a positive candidate experience.

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