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Launch automated communities of talent to support the way you recruit, onboard, train and nurture your people

Are you facing challenges around bad hires, attrition rates, finding the brightest talent, drawn out onboarding processes and connection with your people?  Organisations running Hollaroo are finding commercial value at every touchpoint!  With positive impacts on length of service, engagement and satisfaction, connection to a brand or business, training outputs and recruitment fees, what’s not to love!

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Start your paradigm shift for recruiting, onboarding, training & nurture

Hollaroo, a Talent Community platform that wraps around your people across every stage of your business.  From initial interest and engagement, to connection, recruitment, application, offer, onboarding, training and development, nurture and even alumni communications.  At the heart of what we do is communication and engagement for building sustainable and long-term relationships with commercial value at every touchpoint.

Transform your candidate experience
Support & nurture your people
Create sustainable relationships

Community Engagement and Talent Pipelining software to launch automated communities of talent to create, engage and nurture your recruitment pipelines.  For proactive long term recruitment strategies to attract the right quality and quantity of candidates.  Build and manage relationships with talent not yet ready to enter the active selection process with a next-generation CRM.

Relationship based onboarding to reduce attrition and increase the early effectiveness of new starters.  Keep new starters ‘warm’ in lengthy notice periods and reduce the risks of counter-offers by highlighting ‘at risk’ starters to enable rapid intervention.  Our uniquely built platform provides a sense of belonging with the new starter welcome experience as well as delivering benefits such as speed to perform and early effectiveness.

Building communities with former employees to expand talent pools and encourage boomerang hires.  Hollaroo enables organisations to build and manage relationships with employees who are offboarding.  By upgrading this process with Hollaroo you can take control of your alumni community and could even see up to 15% of new hires come from it providing a significant ROI.

Powerful Talent Referral Software for recruiters.  Using this powerful solution recruiters can now create long-term sustainable relationships with potential candidates and run highly efficient and successful referral programmes.  Your employees can introduce talented connections without having to worry about timings or if they match an active role.  They will be kept engaged ready to go when the timing is right.

Build internal networks to engage and retain internal talent.  With most selection processes being less suitable for internal candidates, the Hollaroo platform for Internal Mobility provides a new way of thinking and puts the control into the hands of your employees.  We support a much more dynamic, intuitive, and responsive internal mobility process that allows your internal teams to tap into the promise of internal opportunities.

Connect and grow your business networks with Hollaroo for Business Networks.  Organisations can build and maintain business networks of clients, suppliers, prospects, and other groups of interests for the purposes of information sharing, engagement and business development.  A light touch tool to communicate with, support and promote these networks.  Multiple networks can even be managed on the same platform.

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