This is Hollaroo

Leading a paradigm shift in the way we recruit, onboard, train and nurture our people

About Hollaroo

Hollaroo provides a paradigm shift in the way that we recruit, onboard, train, and nurture our people. Because we support those within businesses and organisations to engage, communicate, and share – wherever they are.  And do it authentically.

We’re a layer which wraps around your people across every stage of your business. From initial interest and engagement, to connection, recruitment and application, offer, onboarding, training and development, nurture, and even alumni communications. We’re proud to transform relationships across your entire talent journey.

And we’re changing the face of recruitment solutions, no longer allowing them to be driven by the wants of the business rather than the needs of the candidate. We’re ensuring our clients aren’t missing out on the brightest and best talent. We’re helping them appeal to the modern applicant, who wants transparency and integrity. And we’re providing commercial value at every touchpoint.

Fostering a diverse workforce

Hollaroo is an equal opportunity employer that commits to equality, diversity and inclusion and also celebrates it. We do not discriminate based on race, colour, national origin, religion, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability status, or marital status. We believe that diverse teams foster a more inclusive company culture, build better products, offer exceptional service and promote a fun place to work.

We curate the experience

A user’s interests shape their ongoing journey, not through nefarious use of data and intelligence but through their own chosen markers of interest

Safe, Secure and Compliant

We’ve been designed by data security experts, and our solid, enterprise-grade system is safe, secure, and compliant

Self-generating and sustainable

We give you the ability to work on your pipeline long before you ever need to recruit. It’s not labour-intensive, it becomes self-generating and sustainable – it’s also authentic and allows candidates to experience your brand fully and powerfully

Bring your brand to life

You can bring your brand to life with ease, through relationships, through conversation, dialogue, and mutual interest groups. Show and discuss, not just tell

See how it all comes together