Our people are our greatest asset

Sitting behind our solutions is a team that lives and breathes people and

Hello from Hollaroo

We have a proud pedigree in recruitment, but also a track record in positively disrupting the status quo. We’ve been quietly leading a paradigm shift in the way we recruit, onboard, train and nurture our people.

We’re committed to delighting our customers with innovative transformation in the recruitment space and exceptional service levels. We’ve been there at every stage of disruptive technology for the last 30 years. And we’ve always done it for the right reasons, prizing connection, community, and commercial wins for all above everything else.

Hugh Fordham


Alan Bradbury

Lead Software Developer

Martyn Redstone

Advocacy Lead

Liz Gates

Professional Services Director

Amanda Sibley

Head of Marketing and Customer Success

Our Values

People First

We’ve worked hard to build a culture where everyone belongs and where great work and human connection is valued.

Empowering Others

We empower our employees to communicate across the board, to connect, share and to care. We empower our customers to succeed and grow.

Transforming Relationships

We’re proud to transform relationships across the entire talent journey, prizing connections, community and commercial wins for all.

We Strive for Excellence

We are bold and aspire for excellence to build a lasting company by investing in our people, partnerships and products.

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