Giving talent a route to engage with the Veolia brand and communicate in a meaningful way

The Challenge

The Challenge

With a UK workforce of more than 14,000 people, Veolia provides waste, water and energy management services that contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries. A prominent brand in the energy and utilities sector, Veolia has the challenge of conveying its wide range of job opportunities. For example, Finance and Marketing roles are tricky to fill – Veolia is not the first organisation in mind when specialist candidates are thinking about their next role. The impact Veolia’s workers can have on their local area and the wider environment is compelling, and the team have worked hard to cultivate a brand around the environmental sustainability of Veolia’s activities, and the way in which the company builds the circular economy and preserves scarce raw materials. However, the brand alone can’t increase the attract-to-fill ratios needed or meet time pressures for critical roles. With this in mind Veolia wanted to give talent a route to engage further with the business; to hold people in a space but communicate with them in a meaningful way. To create a dynamic way to connect, share and educate potential candidates that their current process-led recruitment system couldn’t accommodate.

About the Customer

Client: Veolia
As a leader in UK environmental solutions, Veolia commit to reducing carbon by preventing pollution, preserving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, combating climate change and raising environmental awareness. They do this by providing a wide-range of waste, water and energy management services that will build the circular economy and help preserve scarce raw materials. They are Passionate. They are innovators. They look beyond conventions, constantly thinking about potential solutions with optimism and above all, collaboration. Sometimes they are confronted with failure but this makes them work even harder to find solutions that will transform their core business and resource the world.

The Solution


Working with Veolia, we implemented Hollaroo’s Talent Pipelining platform to manage engagement with passive talent, delivering a premium candidate experience for those not yet ready to enter the active selection process. In addition, Hollaroo’s Talent Pipelining facilitates ‘recycling’ of ‘silver medal’ candidates who would otherwise be filtered out of the recruitment process. This cyclical approach ensures that the effort and time spent to build brand advocacy isn’t lost, and that marketing spend for attraction firmly delivers a result.

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