Reinventing Dentons’ approach to hiring and building long term relationships with emerging talent

The Challenge

The Challenge

Dentons already use Hollaroo as the platform for their employee referral programme as well as for onboarding new employees. One of the strengths of the platform is its flexibility, and the ease of adding new solutions, so it was the natural choice for building relationships with future trainees.

About the Customer

Client: Dentons
With over 10,000 lawyers, in 180+ offices across 70+ countries, Dentons is uniquely positioned to leverage their global platform and deliver sophisticated and innovative legal services to their clients. Dentons UK hub has 6 offices (London, Watford, Milton Keynes, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow.). Dentons is a truly ‘polycentric’ international law firm that fully embraces the diversity of its geography, cultures and legal traditions.

The Solution


Dentons are on a journey to build a ‘best in class’ hiring function, raising their profile as an employer of choice vs the typical magic circle firms as the target for candidates. An important focus of this transformation is improving the candidate experience from first contact to becoming an employee. As with all law firms (and early careers recruitment in general), Dentons have a long period, typically two years, between a trainee candidate completing the offer process and them joining the firm. In a competitive market for top talent, building a
relationship with future trainees over this time was seen as a top priority. Dentons have 40 trainees in each cohort and 4 different training contracts; London, Watford & Milton Keynes, Aberdeen and Central Belt (Glasgow
& Edinburgh). During the 2-year period, from offer to joining, the future trainees are likely to be studying for their LPC for one year and working/travelling/ doing a conversion course for the other.

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