Webinar – How to deliver the very best Candidate Experience

According to LinkedIn Research 75% of recruiters say they’ve seen a candidate change their mind after signing their offer letter.   

More often than not, this is down to a poor candidate experience.

So we’re going to be sharing some insights on how to deliver the very best candidate experience and engagement including:

  • Why is the candidate experience more important than ever in the current climate?
  • What are the most common weak points and how best to improve them?
  • How should you capture, communicate, engage and nurture relationships with potential hires?
  • Internal Talent and Alumni – harnessing these groups to raise brand awareness and reach passive talent

Join Giles Heckstall-Smith from Jobtrain, Hugh Fordham and Martyn Redstone of Hollaroo on Wednesday 9th November at 11.00am.