Hollaroo announces new mobile notifications functionality for its Talent Community Solutions

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Hollaroo enables new mobile notifications functionality to help increase user acceptance and communicate urgent messages faster

Maidenhead, 04 August, 2022 – Hollaroo, a leading provider of Talent Community Engagement Platforms has just announced new mobile notifications functionality in their latest release of the solution.

In previous versions of the solution, targeted notifications of relevant information were delivered either inside the platform via an action box or via external channels such as email and newsletters.  Now those external channels include mobile notifications if the user wishes to opt-in.

Mobile notifications allow engagement to be maintained while members are not logged in and also ensures relevant and urgent information, messages and content are quickly distributed.

Hugh Fordham, CEO and Chief Product Evangelist said, ”We are constantly striving to help our customers find new ways to boost engagement with their people.  By adding mobile notifications functionality, we are helping to increase invitation acceptance levels to the platform as well as communicate urgent messages faster.  We have already seen a positive uptake from our customers on the new functionality as they quickly recognised the benefits it would bring them”.

In all customer deployments, the additional mobile functionality is provided free of charge and is simply available in the latest release of the platform.  Organisations can choose to opt-in and users can opt-in at an individual level.  When an invitation is created within the platform, the option to add a mobile number of the invitee is available if known or the user will be given the option to add their own mobile number at a later stage in the user settings.

Mobile messages can then be sent out to remind invitees to accept their invitation or if already accepted it can be used to communicate urgent information.

About Hollaroo

Hollaroo provides a paradigm shift in the way that organisations recruit, onboard, train, and nurture their people. Because Hollaroo supports those within businesses and organisations to engage, communicate, and share – wherever they are. And to do it authentically.

Hollaroo provide Talent Community platforms – a layer that wraps around people across every stage of the business. From initial interest and engagement, to connection, recruitment and application, offer, onboarding, training and development, nurture, and even alumni communications. Hollaroo transform relationships across the entire talent journey.

Hollaroo are changing the face of recruitment solutions, no longer allowing them to be driven by the wants of the business rather than the needs of the candidate. They’re ensuring their clients aren’t missing out on the brightest and best talent. Hollaroo are helping them appeal to the modern applicant, who wants transparency and integrity. And are providing commercial value at every touchpoint.

The solution impacts positively on employees’ length of service, engagement and satisfaction, connection to a brand or business, and even to training outputs. It can reduce bad hires, speed up onboarding, and cut attrition rates. Most powerfully though, it leads to an (often huge) reduction in recruitment fees because it empowers referrals from your own team.

Press Contact – Martyn Redstone, Content and Digital Communicationsmartyn.redstone@hollaroo.com

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