Using talent communities to aid your DE&I strategy

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Manage Talent Communities with Hollaroo for Recruitment Pipelines

We get asked all the time, “how can Hollaroo help with DE&I?”.

So, here are our thoughts.

We all know it’s difficult. Difficult to hire a diverse workforce. It starts at the employer branding end and works its way through the entire process. Is it fair, is it inclusive and is it equitable? 

You’ve done everything you can and then you get a plethora of diverse candidates applying to your roles. Well done you!

But hang on. You can only hire one person for the role. What happens with all the candidates who you struggled to attract? Those that you spent a major marketing budget on?  Those that you spent days and weeks designing an amazing outreach campaign for?

Welcome to the Hollaroo solution. Through our powerful community and talent pipelining tool, you can keep these candidates engaged, nurtured and communicated with so that you can start to build long term relationships with diverse candidates. Relationships that pay off.

The best of both an en enterprise social network and powerful CRM brought together, means that you can let candidates self-select roles that are suitable, keep their details up to date and be kept in touch with through messaging, content and active participation and communication.

Hollaroo is infinitely better than sending an email to your ATS lists in the hope that your (very expensive) diverse candidates respond and it enables a significant ROI on your recruitment marketing budget.

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