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Build communities. Stay connected.

We help you to present content, information, advice and guidance in an accessible, digestible and user-driven way for candidates, employees, graduates, interest groups and alumni.

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Supercharge your referral programme.

We believe that individuals recommend their friends to a brand rather than a role. And the pressure to match someone’s skills and capability could reduce the likelihood that an introduction be made. Our platform facilitates genuine brand-match connections.

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Keep the connection alive!

You’ve offered a candidate a job, so help them to access information, advice and connections so they can be prepared for Day One. Replace the silence with conversations and learning and get early-warning of non-starters.

Seamless onboarding with Hollaroo
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Internal Mobility

Get the most out of internal talent.

Getting the most out of internal talent is a key challenge for forward thinking organisations covering:

  • Motivation: Understanding the capabilities and ambitions of employees – and offering clarity on how their career could progress
  • Development: Building capability within the organisation and using this to meet future needs
  • Planning: Being aware of potential risk to the organisation when someone leaves and being able to manage that risk in a strategic fashion
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Hollaroo is trusted by industry leaders to grow communities & develop lasting relationships.

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