Build Talent Communities for

Pipelining Referrals Onboarding Internal Mobility Alumni

Create long term relationships with talent. At any stage of their journey with you

A community platform and powerful CRM all in one tool! Wrap your talent in a social layer to enhance relationships with talent across pipelining, referrals, onboarding, internal mobility and alumni.

Who we work with

The Problem

The way you are building relationships with talent is not meeting their desire to have a more human and interactive relationship with your organisation.

 Your recruitment process is broken, inefficient and reactive. And it forces candidates through an impersonal, opaque process. Recruiters start all over again every time they need to hire.

Does this sound familiar?

You don't have a productive relationship with your talent

You have an ATS, CRM, referral bounties and an onboarding system. You probably have Facebook or LinkedIn groups and maybe even a Slack workspace, but you’re still struggling to build relationships that make a difference to your hiring processes.

Current Talent Processes Simply Aren't Designed For Forward-Thinking People and Talent Leaders Like You

Current processes are great if you want a reactive process for how you engage with talent

Can We Do Better?

Build Talent Pipelines, Nurture Onboarders, Keep In Touch With Referrals, Empower Internal Mobility And Launch True Alumni Networks

Don’t miss out on significant efficiencies and value in not bringing a more social, engaging and nurturing process into your talent engagement strategies.

Don't waste resources and improve your hiring process