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Integrating new team members with ease.

The period between someone accepting an offer and joining your organisation is critically important. Your onboarders are excited to join and you want to make them feel part of the team straight away.

The Hollaroo onboarding proposition delivers not just vibrant and critical content but allows people to socialise and engage with each other and your teams. Data analytics allows you to identify potential non-starters early.

  • Enhanced user experience

    Hollaroo provides a flexible, mobile friendly, intuitive candidate experience.

  • Increase engagement

    With the help of Hollaroo's Smart Notifications you can keep engagement high. 

  • Intuitive analytics

    Our data analytics identify at-risk candidates for extra attention, helping reduce potential no-shows.

Providing a clear pathway from hiring to day one.

Using automated invite triggers, Hollaroo is able to streamline the candidate process - taking them from a prospect to part of the team with ease.

  • Cement relationship at height of candidate’s engagement level
  • Tailor content for different communities of on-boarders
  • Delivering the right content, with the right tone, answering the right questions, builds high levels of trust
  • Build tasks/checklists to provide candidate confidence and clarity
  • Invite people into specific groups or discussions relating to their new roles
  • HR/managers/team members and new starters able to interact, answer questions and participate in events
  • Profile function for immediate insight into who are the key contacts
  • Immediate mobile and cross device access to critical content

Offer an intuitive candidate experience.

Flexible, mobile, and intuitive candidate experience.   Clear checklists, admin, and candidate pathways.  Engaging and social.  With slick and simple invite and acceptance mechanisms.

  • Flexible, mobile, and intuitive candidate experience
  • Clear checklists, admin, and candidate pathways
  • Engaging and social - with slick and simple invite and acceptance mechanisms

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