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The 'real' network effect

Networks provide the ability for users to create, connect and find other contacts through the organisation.

Users can start to build and maintain their personal networks – not just those you think they should be involved with!

Hollaroo Groups Connected


Collaboration at the heart of all we do

Create networks to share user generated content with context. We ensure our platform is built to encourage a community ethos from the outset.  Let the individuals decide who and how they want to interact, so networks are created which will endure the test of time.

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Share your true self

Users can build and maintain their user profile to include skills and experience – in fact, any information they feel will be useful to other user members. 

Unlike Linkedin, we encourage users to continue to build value into their profile through social links, and by building on profiles already created in other sites. A compelling user experience and time saver

Hollaroo Introduction


It's good to talk...

Our platform encourages users to build group and individual user networks and reach out.  Contact team members, recruiters or brand ambassadors.  Allow your candidates to kick off the conversation.

Interaction, both with other users and the business itself – helps to further develop a relationship with future employees or encourage engagement with networks and employees.

More wonderful features

  • News

    Share, share, share!  News can be so much more than a simple link.  Keep your audience connected with business information, activities and any other joining instructions you choose.

  • Notifications

    We nudge users to read any relevant information via an ‘Action’ box or simple email summary. No hounding allowed!

  • Multi lingual

    We’re able to host any language and currently are used in English, French, Spanish and German.

  • Mobile Responsive

    Fully responsive via mobile web and can be wrapped to create a mobile app too.  OR through our APi, we can enhance functionality of your existing App.

  • SaaS

    We support a host of devises and browsers to be sure your users aren’t pushed somewhere they’ve never been before!

  • User Centric Design

    In all cases the user has control over the experience rather than being on the end of an impersonal and one-way marketing process.

  • Flexible look & feel

    You, as a client, have complete control over the look and feel and have ownership of all the content and data.

  • Analytics & Insight

    Predict where engagement is diminishing and track where engagement levels are high!

  • Single Sign On

    This is super important if you’re going to provide a user with a super slick journey from your existing platform or site.

  • GDPR compliant

  • Accessibility

    We’re WCAG compliant.