At Hollaroo we help your organisation find and connect with people in order to grow relationships and deliver value. Hollaroo networks can help you make better hires, tap into sources of knowledge and grow your business.

We do away with one-way communications and transactional processes, taking you on a journey to a more ‘human’ way of interacting, whether during talent acquisition, onboarding or maintaining relationships for the future.

Next-Generation Anytime Referrals

Traditional referral processes are built around jobs and depend on timing - how many potential referrals are lost that way? Our unique Anytime Referral solution allows your employees (and other communities) to identify potential talent at any point and invite them with a single click.

We then completely automate the key elements to a successful referral programme, communications and feedback, so the programme continues to deliver, year after year.

Living, Breathing Talent Communities

Candidate experience is such an important part of a successful recruitment programme - and this is the way to deliver a truly exceptional experience that makes you stand out.

Engage with your high-potential talent connections in your own private, secure and exclusive environment where you own the data and the conversation. This enables you to build deep and sustaining relationships well in advance of the selection process, delivering high quality applicants and speeding time to hire.

Inclusive, Engaging Onboarding

The period between someone accepting an offer and joining your organisation is critically important. Your onboarders are excited to join and you want to make them feel part of the team straight away.

The Hollaroo onboarding proposition delivers not just vibrant and critical content but allows people to socialise and engage with each other and your teams. This increases satisfaction and reduces no-shows.

A Truly Connected Alumni

When a good person leaves your organisation you want to maintain the relationship for the future. As well as great sources of knowledge, members of your alumni community can also be a top source of employee referrals. They know your company, your people and your way of doing business - you might even want to re-hire them at some point.

Hollaroo Alumni networks allow people to keep in touch, share knowledge and join discussions, attend events (both on and offline) and ultimately find future opportunities with you. Much more than just a mailing list, making alumni feel special delivers huge benefits.

Other Solutions

Other current solutions include Internal Mobility, Graduate Engagement and Contractor/Freelancer communities.

In all cases your Hollaroo network allows you to give key talent a human and engaging experience, building their connection with the organisation and allowing you to leverage your networks and deliver their value.