people talk

Improving Talent engagement.

Change the experience for experienced hires – inviting quality talent into a “private members club” where they can engage on their own terms.

Community spirit is often a primary driver for graduates to join your firm. Taking the camaraderie they’ve enjoyed while studying into their world of work. 

  • Change the context

    Engaging with talent outside the “ticking clock” context of an open vacancy.

  • Change the experience

    Build relationships around a conversation not a process. Give candidates control.

  • Change the results

    Automated engagement delivers quality hires without loading already-stretched recruiters

Retaining alumni connections.

Once you’ve fostered a great relationship with employees, don’t break the connection. Continuing to retain dialogue and share information with this audience provides the perfect foundation for introductions, recommendations and potential rehires.

old colleagues catching up
  • Top source of referrals

    Members of your alumni community can be a top source of employee and business referrals.

  • Retain knowledge

    Especially with the ageing workforce. make sure valuable capital intellect doesn't disappear.

  • Future re-hires

    They know your company, your people and your way of doing business - you might even want to re-hire them at some point.

Hollaroo Collaboration

Driving employee collaboration.

Geographical spread, silo’d businesses, agile working – all challenges for an organisation when they’re trying to establish a culture of belonging. 

Technology can help to keep the heart and spirit of your organisation alive – regardless of where and when your team want and need to interact.

Hollaroo Groups Connected

Stay connected with contractors & freelancers.

Working in the gig economy, being a contractor, interim or freelancer can be a lonely life. Not part of the employee network, often being home based so potentially missing the social interactions which would otherwise be achieved when you’re office based.

And when you come across a great one - you probably want them back in the future.

  • Connect teams across boundaries

    Project teams from multiple sources can connect and collaborate on the same platform - with a tailored experience for each.

  • Keep engagement high

    Contractors are kept informed via automated content and newsletters. Their interactions tell you more about their interests and qualities.

  • A relationship for now and the future

    At the end of a contract don't lose touch with the best talent. Stay connected and engaged so they are available for future opportunities.

Hollaroo Introduction

Providing a platform for your teams.

Encourage cross-team collaboration and sharing through Hollaroo – opportunities, promotions and projects. Provide your internal teams with the opportunity to expand their career.

Gone are the days where line manager recommendation is the only way for applications to be made, or talent to be recognised.