GDPR will have a big impact on common ways of managing employee referrals. Download our article to find out more.

How does GDPR affect Employee Referrals?

The GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018 so it’s important that recruiters understand how it will affect the way they obtain referrals.

In ‘How does the GDPR affect Employee Referrals?’, we explain how the GDPR will impact common ways of managing employee referrals. We look how referral schemes are promoted, to ensure employees are always involved, and tracking and processing of referrals.

We also recap how the regulations cover three key principles: privacy by design, lawful processing; and individual rights, and provide information about our REFER scheme for recruiters.

‘With Hollaroo REFER, employees identify potential talent and invite them to your private network. The person decides whether to join, has visibility and control over their data and decides how to interact with the organisation. The scheme promotion process is entirely automated and, because it is not tied to live vacancies, ensures a constant stream of high-quality candidates.’

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