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The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25 2018, with strict new rules and large penalties - up to €20 million! This is, therefore, a hot topic for organisations and the time to implement solutions is rapidly running out.

At Hollaroo we are proud that data protection and security have been at the heart of our technology since its inception. Our vision has always been aligned with the GDPR principles of privacy by design, informed consent and user rights.

To support our existing and future clients we have produced the following information to summarise the relevant elements of GDPR for collecting, retaining and processing candidate information.

Four key points to consider:

You need to get involved with the process

Compliance teams will understand the regulations but not your processes. Without your input you risk having non-compliant processes being removed with nothing to replace them.

This is not just about technology

GDPR is about organisations having a much better understanding of how they handle and process personal information in any form.

This is all about user control

User control is the core GDPR principle. You probably store information on hundreds of thousands of candidates. How will you handle even a small proportion demanding access?

Treat this as an opportunity not a threat

You now have an excellent business case to not only become compliant but get better processes in place for the future. Use the opportunity!


GDPR and the Hollaroo Vision

The perfect, positive way to achieve compliance

GDPR and Talent Pools

How the GDPR will affect talent pools, communities and pipelines

GDPR and Employee Referrals

How the GDPR will affect employee referral schemes

GDPR Legal Requirements

The GDPR legal requirements for processing candidate data

Other Useful Resources

Information Comissioner's Office (ICO) running guide to the GDPR (the ICO are doing a great job of providing clear information)

Good summary from Osborne Clarke

12 step guide from the ICO

OneTrust - Privacy Management Software

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