Eversheds Case study

Hollaroo's award-winning Enterprise Social Network has transformed Evershed's recruitment process.


The Lawyer 'Most Innovative Recruitment Award'

  • Number 1 Network
  • 3,500 employees
  • 10 countries

Global Enterprise Social Network

  • Enterprise Social Network
    • Employees
    • Graduates
    • Talent
    • School leavers
    • Alumni

Eversheds High Quality Referral Hires

That's a 500% increase in Employee Referral Hires

Trusted Talent Engagement

What a huge uplift!

70% of all external talent invitations accepted

Proportion of Candidates to Hires

  • 1 in 4 of hollaroo candidates hired
  • 1 in 40 of general applicants hired

Referrals provide huge time and money savings for Eversheds Recruiters

1.7% of applicants are referrals, yet represent 15% of all hires